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We Build Legacy

Through Vision


Founded by Mr. Fathi Neifar, Neifar GROUP started its activities in the field of construction and building .Through perseverance, hard work, and dedication, NEIFAR GROUP developed to become an ambassador in the construction field, building a reputation for its professionalism, innovation, and outstanding results.

“At the national level, Neifar Construction Group has conducted turnkey big scale projects which are mainly 5 stars hotels, residential complexes, and standing offices.”


Wroking Process



Since the 1980, Neifar group has emerged in the construction field, we relied on passion, hard work, and innovation. we have been serving quality predicted by the professional working team, the commitment to quality is unmatched.



In the 1990, we gave birth to SUPER MOUSSE and SIDILEC INTERNATIONAL in 1994, the first specializes in the production of foam and spring mattresses, and the second focuses on the manufacture of electrical harnesses. as the progressive expansion of the group business kept going, STEM was born in 1996 a company that manufactures wooden furniture.



Since the 2000, the opening-up on the foreign market is ensured through the company « Libyan Tunisian joint-stock Company for General Contracts » to generate later on the company of technical studies and that of export-import respectively named «SONEB International» and «El Houcine International Trade Company».